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HCG drops and diet is not an ordinary diet, it is a completely natural diet pack that not only makes you slim within short time but enhances body system that produces energy in body. After seeing the requirement of people to be fit and look great at the same time, HCGdropsanddiet.

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I am super satisfied with the results, I feel great, healthy and very happy. There is just one problem, I have to buy new clothes but it is a good problem...

- Kanani, Laie, Hawaii, USA

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HCG Drops – Introduction

The HCG drops are very effective when you use it for your weight loss program. It uses the HCG hormone which is naturally produced in the bodies of pregnant women. It is primarily used by the body to ensure that it the mother and the baby inside her womb would receive all their needed nutrients and energy requirements to help them grow. This means that the body would look for other ways and places for the energy requirements which are most often, the unwanted fats in the body.

When a normal person uses the HCG hormone found in the HCG drops, the body will try to use it the same way as with pregnant women, but the difference is that the body will now use the unwanted fat for its calorie needs. That is because the HCG drops will have to strictly ask its dieters to adhere to a very low calorie diet.

Homeopathic HCG Drops – benefits

The Homeopathic HCG drops have so many benefits for its dieters. The best benefit you can get from it is the fast weight loss results. It can give fast weight loss within months or even weeks. You can easily see the results without weighing yourself. It can provide weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds per day, which is the greatest weight loss ever! But there are other benefits of the Homeopathic HCG drops, and here are some of them.

The HCG drops can provide the dieters of increased metabolism. That means it can really fasten the weight loss by helping through burning the fats and foods faster with the increase in metabolism. The drops also provides or reduces the appetite for food which means that even if you don’t eat that much because of the very low calorie diet during the whole period, you will be surprised that you will not starve to death.

Studies show that following a calorie diet program plus a regular dose of HCG drops can result to a significant weight loss. But how does HCG drops actually work in the body of an obese/fat non-pregnant woman? Basically, HCG shifts 3,000+ calories to be used up as natural energy. The supplement tricks the brain into thinking of a state of pregnancy. The hypothalamus sends signal to mobilize these excess fats away from your hips, tummy a buttocks area. Getting those curves back will be just a week away. Does HCG drops, however, work for men as well? The answer is yes. While the sound of a stimulated pregnancy may not be acceptable to the manly image, there is really no need to worry. It does not show any other symptoms of pregnancy aside from increasing fat-energy consumption.

How is the HCG diet protocol accomplished?

Phase I – asyou start with the HCG drops you will also establish your fat reserves. The 1st phase is where you will load up your body with carbohydrates as much as you can possibly take. This phase will motion the HCG in the circulation before the actual program really begins. This will take two days. This will prepare the brain for the time-appropriate signal to release the fats. By building your fatty deposits, HCG hormone will be triggered to mobilize fats.

Phase II – lastsfor the next 23-40 days. In the 2nd phase you will get to observe the target 1-2 pound of weight loss every day. The phase continuous until the desired weight is achieved. This is where you will establish a healthy 500-calorie diet. The diet must be complete with fruits, vegetables, plus two meals of protein at 3.5 oz. to be exact.

Phase III – isthe maintenance and clean-up phase. For the next 2 days following the phase 2, the 500-calorie diet must be continued to totally rid of the HCG from the system. A change of diet and lifestyle is necessary for a fit and healthy you afterward. You can still eat as much as you want minus the sweets and starches.

HCG drops and its protocol dietis a very potent combination method in shedding off excess fats without the hassles and stress of the typical weight loss routines. While it’s safer to talk to your Physician first before deciding on your weight loss plan, HCG drops is a safe and natural way of taking off that extra pounds. HCG drops is a powerful substance found in the human body that has played a good role of keeping pregnant mothers in their shape. Try HCG drops and you can say hello to a leaner physique in less time.

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Buy HCG Drops Diet Now

Want to own or use the best weight loss solution in the world? Then why don’t you try and buy HCG drops diet now? It is simply the best because it can provide the fastest weight loss. It can give a dieter of about 1 to 2 pounds per day which means that you could probably lose 60 pounds in just one month! Isn’t that wonderful? You just have to take the HCG drops, and you will have the best weight loss! No hassle, no workouts, no exercises, just take the drops every day and you will receive the best weight loss results.

You just have to remember that you also have to follow strictly the HCG drops weight loss protocol which is the very low calorie diet of about 500 calories per day. When you follow the HCG weight loss protocol, you would be sure to achieve the best weight loss ever!

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